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CHEOPS Science Meeting - 2° edizione

2° giornata
Attività ospitate

Giu 2014

 2nd CHEOPS Science Meeting

II° giornata
09:30 Water condensation during formation: signatures on the mass-radius relation of exoplantes J. Venturini 
10:00 Tidal dissipation and observed configurations of planetary systems J. Laskar
10:30 An Inversion Technique for Constraining the Interior Structure of Super-Earths C. Dorn
11:00 coffee
11:30 Characterizing planet-hosting stars: mass, radius, and age V. Van Grootel
12:00 Detecting transits on evolved stars B. Sato
12:30 Using diffuse gas lost from extreme close-in planets to identify targets for CHEOPS C. Haswell
13:00 lunch
14:30 Expanding the CHEOPS discovery parameter space through the TTV technique V. Nascimbeni
15:00 Overview of the James Webb Space Telescope's Capability for Exoplanet Science M. Clampin
15:30 The PLATO mission (invited) H. Rauer
16:00 General discussion

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